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PerMax Perfusion Hub

What the Professional Perfusionist Gains from PerMax

  • Accurate representation of service delivered
  • Provides Internal review and risk management
  • Improves awareness, safety, policy management
  • Provides medical legal defense
  • Provides compliance and benchmarking
  • Provides standardization medical documentation of parameters that reflect the conduct of cardiopulmonary bypass

What are the important points of data recording?

  • CLIA and state laboratory laws require that normal lab values be stated on the record
  • All parameters which are monitored should be recorded
  • Records must be signed
  • As much as possible, events should be recorded as they occur
  • All entries must be based on fact, rather than interpretation, hearsay or opinion
  • Only hospital-approved abbreviations are permitted on the record

PerMax is sophisticated perfusion software to meet those requirements.

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The Principles of Medical Documentation

We all know that record-keeping is critical. There are no loop-holes. Clean, accurate record-keeping is mandatory.

You know too that keeping good records is very time consuming. Face it, the tons of data you need to record is tedious and takes attention away from what matters most. This is true in every area of medicine today. Even the family physician spends a big piece of his day recording RXs, updating charts, making notes, coding procedures and answering (and then recording in the records) questions from patients.

You are updating records constantly. You often have to record 2 or 3 or more key data points every 5 minutes. Many of those data points have to be calculated.

PerMax makes your job easier so your focus can be on the patient. We have the data to show you. Using PerMax improves performance. That’s a big claim but PerMax isn’t new. PerMax is proven.